bestabsorb© – Biological, water-repellent absorbent agent for spilled oil, diesel, paints, formaldehyde, sulphuric acid, hydrocarbons etc.

bestabsorb® is an oil-binding and water-resistant binding agent. Highly efficient, fast-acting and versatile, it removes spilled oils and many other liquids from the ground or water.

bestabsorb® can be deployed for removing:

oils, petroleum, paints, varnishes spilled in accidents
in rivers or at sea in the case of stricken ships leaking oil, paints, diesel, floating on the water surface etc.
and in industrial accidents, industrial liquid waste, eg. blood from slaughter houses.
bestabsorb® consists of specially treated natural-peat fibres which can absorb its own weight of oil or other substances several times over. Even small amounts of bestabsorb® can bind vast quantities of oil. The rapid reaction times ensure a virtually oil-free surface. The granular residue does not stick or smear and can be disposed of after use without any problems.

bestabsorb® floats. Consequently it can be used on water for every kind of purpose. Even in waves, bestabsorb® absorbs no water, and simply absorbs the oil..

Application on the ground
Pour bestabsorb® onto the oil, wait a few seconds until it has been fully absorbed, then brush it up or wipe it clean bestabsorb® also penetrates cracks and grouting.

Application on water
Pour bestabsorb® onto the floating oil and wait until it has been absorbed. Then lift out of the water using either a sieve, a rake or a shovel. bestabsorb® only absorbs oils and not water. After the removal of the fully saturated bestabsorb® the water is practically as clean as never before. bestabsorb® does not absorb any water for over 24 hours, and can easily be removed from the water.
Bestabsorb® is easy to dispose of as it is eco-friendly and bio-degradable, and can also be burned without almost any remaining residues.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Innovative multitalent and versatile, can be used in water and in soil
  • Excellent value for money, as it absorbs its own volume several times over
  • Consists of 100% organic and eco-friendly, specially treated natural fibers
  • 100% environmentally friendly, natural, harmless and non-toxic
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere - even at ground level on a windy day
  • Water-resistant (hydrophobic) - can therefore be used on wet ground / in rain, making it vastly superior to traditional oil absorbers
  • Even small amounts of bestabsorb® can be used to soak up huge quantities of oil, chemicals, paint and acids, therefore making it a very cost-efficient product
  • It floats – rendering it ideal for a wide range of applications both on water and land
  • Lightening reaction within 1-2 seconds, thus significantly reducing any risks to an absolute minimum.
  • Can simply be swept up using a brush or an industrial sweeper
  • bestabsorb® does not release the adsorbed liquid
  • bestabsorb® retains the adsorbed medium so efficiently that the cleaning equipment also stays clean - even very oily tools can be cleaned in seconds
  • bestabsorb® suppresses odours and virtually eliminates the risks posed by flammable liquids
  • Easy disposal – suitable for burning leaving no residues (heating value 20,000 kj/kg) – and in conjunction with hydrocarbons (oil), this value is even far exceeded.
  • Unbeatable disposal costs due to its lightweight formula.
  • bestabsorb® absorbs oils (hydrocarbons) even after they have seeped into the ground.
  • bestabsorb® is a natural product and can, therefore, be disposed of at the municipal refuse dump in the same way as household waste, along with all other non-hazardous materials.

We use exclusively material from areas of land previously under cultivation by German agriculture, which are subject to state-sponsored re-naturalisation measures. The areas are returned to the natural ecology and guarantee an ecological balance..

bestabsorb® has been approved for Type I, Type II, Type III R (water, ground, trade, industry, traffic area).

bestabsorb® is supplied in 7 kg sacks. One sack contains 50 litres bestabsorb®, weighs approx. 7 kg, and, depending on the requirements, absorbs up to the 30 litres of liquid.

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