The "Bio-Air-Wasserfloh“ system is a highly-efficient effluent treatment system, suitable for all households, municipalities, industrial and commercial enterprises which are not connected to the public mains. A tertiary purification stage ensures that the legally stipulated purification standards for small-scale plants are met..

The waste-water purification system “Bio-Air-Wasserfloh” was developed with the objective of offering a modern and, at the same time, cost-efficient system, which can be installed in existing or new treatment plants. The size of the plant for households of between 4 – 8 persons must not exceed 4.2 m3

Effluent treatment in synthetic containers – using the fluidised-bed process

Advantages of the BIO-AIR-Wasserfloh system:

  • Latest state-of-the-art technology, high quality
  • Lower energy consumption
  • No pumps or electrical components in the effluent
  • Septic tank need only be evacuated every 3-5 years on average
  • Excellent discharge values
  • Low maintenance requirements and costs
  • New installation and retrofitting possible
  • Tried and tested 1000 times over

Purification process

1. Preliminary purification stage

Inflow of the waste-water from the house into the preliminary treatment stage. The water-insoluble substances are collected. The turbid water flows into the activation basin.

2. Activation basin

Inflow of the waste-water from the house into the preliminary treatment stage. The insoluble substances are collected. The turpid water flows into the activation basin.

3. Aeration

Oxygen is fed into the activation basin by means of a disc diffuser. In the process the carrier material is circulated in a rotatory motion through the entire basin and the micro-organisms are supplied with oxygen.

4. Overflow filter

The purified water flows into the post-treatment stage via the overflow filter. The suspended solids in the water then sink to the bottom.

5. Air-Lift Pump

All the necessary components can be easily installed without the deployment of heavy equipment into the existing on-site three-chamber plant, which complies with the technical standards stipulated by DIN 4261 Part 1. The available apertures are to be sealed and the appropriate H-pipes mounted.

6. Outflow pipes

The fully-biological fluidised bed plant BIO-AIR-WASSERFLOH combines advanced technology and high quality to guarantee virtually an unlimited lifespan.

7. Air-Lift Pump

By virtue of its high efficiency and on-going technical advancements, BIO-AIR-WASSERFLOH is a future-oriented investment, and will consequently enhance the value of your property. The installation can be carried out without any excavation work in a matter of a few hours. Due to its unique design, an unusually low quantity of sludge (secondary sludge) is produced. Consequently the septic tank need only be evacuated on average every five years.