Security for the Future

The BIO-AIR-Wasserfloh is a fluidised bed process, developed on the basis of the latest regulatory directives. After inspection by the German Institute of Structural Engineering (DIBT) Berlin, and in compliance with DIN 4261, Part 22 and EN 12566, Part 3, BIO-AIR-Wasserfloh was awarded certification under No. Z-55.6-40


Award of Certification / Functionalityt

After examination of the plans and calculations by German Institute of Structural Engineering Berlin to ensure compliance with DIN 4261 Part 2, the Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management at the University of Hanover conducted with the practical inspection. When tested under all conditions, including peak surges, there was no overflow from the secondary clarification stage. This result underscores the high-quality performance of our technology. After the start-up phase, the purification performance exceeded the standards stipulated under law. The results have been collated in inspection reports at the University of Hanover, which formed the basis for the certification award.
Inspection certificate number Z-55.6 - 40

Secure investment

The fully-biological fluidised bed plant BIO-AIR-WASSERFLOH marries advance technology and quality to guarantee virtually an unlimited lifespan.


Value retention

The plant is not operated by a submersible pump but with air which is generated by low-noise membrane pumps. The membrane pump is located in the control box, together with the control technology. This can be installed in the cellar, the garage or outdoors. The growth bodies can be stored virtually indefinitely. All components are highly maintenance friendly and can easily be installed without any extra costs. All the materials used are made of effluent-resistant synthetics or stainless steel.